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The Passing of Stewart Farrar

Stewart FarrarStewart Farrar, author and coauthor of many books on the subject of Witchcraft and the occult, passed away at his home in Ireland on the morning of Monday February 7th 2000. He was 83.

Stewart, originally from England, worked as a journalist, playwright, poet, artist and fiction writer. He and his wife Janet were initiated by Alex and Maxine Sanders in 1970 while they were still living in London.

Janet and Stewart were handfasted in 1972 and became legally married in 1975. In 1976 they moved to the Republic of Ireland and set up their first coven. After researching Eight Sabbats for Witches they stopped practising the Alexandrian tradition and developed their own style of Wicca.

Together with their friend and partner Gavin Bone, Stewart and Janet ran their Coven, wrote, and travelled Europe and North America lecturing on Wicca.

There is a more complete biography of the Farrars here.

The Farrars visited Calgary twice, once in 1992 and again 1994 with Gavin. At this time we initiated them into the Sacred Order of Bill the Cat. We found them to be energetic, provocative, and thoroughly delightful. Stewart had an old world charm and dignity that made his puckish humour all the more effective.

One of our Elders writes: "Their warmth and openness to the many local people who wanted to talk to them showed me an ideal of how wise and decent Pagans could be. My special memory of Stewart is of him advising a new young initiate to make the effort to remember the invoking and banishing elemental pentagrams: if someday the new Witch encountered a house on fire, first he should call the fire department to save life and property -- but while he was doing so it wouldn't hurt to very quickly banish the fire."

From another member: "Stewart made me feel like I was important to him. Even two years (and probably thousands of people) later he still remembered our first meeting. He wanted to know what I was doing spiritually and gave me some good perspective on my situation. Never mind in Wicca, we need more people like him in the World!"

Farewell, grandfather. You will be greatly missed.

For more information on the Farrars and their work, please visit their web site Wicca na hErin. Contact Us Last Modified: 2005-12-21
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