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Covenant of Gaia Library

The Covenant maintains a several collections of library materials for the use of members.

If you have any suggestions for new library acquisitions, please contact the librarian.

Library Regulations

  • A library User must be a member in good standing of the Covenant of Gaia, at least 18 years of age, who has either made a one-time $5.00 donation to the library or donated one or more acceptable items to the library.
  • The act of borrowing any material from the Covenant's library obligates the User to the following responsiblities:
    • to return the material on or before the due date;
    • to return the material in substantially the same condition in which it was loaned;
    • to pay any late fees or other charges incurred as a result of borrowing materials;
    • to replace any library materials lost or destroyed while on loan to the User;
    • to pick up materials put on hold before the expiry of the hold period, or to inform the library that the hold may be cancelled.
  • Arrangements to borrow, renew, hold or return library materials may be made by contacting the librarian. The details of these arrangements may vary at the sole discretion of the librarian.
  • A User may have up to five items on loan at any given time.
  • Loans are due back 30 days from the date of borrowing.
  • A User may renew the loan of an item up to 3 times.
  • A hold is a reservation put an item to prevents anyone else from borrowing that item for a period of 7 days. If the item is not currently on loan then the hold period begins immediately. If the item IS on loan then the hold period starts on the item's due date and expires 7 days later. In the latter case a reasonable attempt will be made by the library to notify the User when the item becomes available.
  • Any borrowed item which is not returned by its due date is subject to a $0.50 per day late fine.
    • A User's borrowing privileges are automatically suspended until all outstanding fines have been paid.
    • Outstanding fines in excess of $20.00 may result in further disciplinary action including, but not limited to, cancellation of borrowing privileges, suspension from attendance at Covenant events or legal action.
    • Lost or damaged materials shall be replaced by the User who borrowed them. The User has two options:
      • Replace the item personally within 30 days.
      • Pay the replacement cost of the item plus any shipping and/or handling fees as determined by the librarian.


This is a privately owned collection affiliated with the Covenant's library. The regulations are the same as those of the Kate Collection.

Library Search

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Library Search Help
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Subject List
  • Clicking on this button will display a list of all of the subject categories represented in the library.
  • Clicking on a specific subject in that list displays the holdings about that subject.
  • Enter all or part of the title. If you enter wicca then you will get a list of every holding with wicca anywhere in the title.
  • Punctuation is ignored.
  • For personal names, enter the surname first: clifton chas
  • For group names, enter in direct order: reclaiming collective
  • Enter words of standard subject headings: goddess religion
  • Fiction holdings always includes the subject word fiction.
  • Children's or Young Adult holdings always includes the subject word juvenile.
  • Punctuation is ignored.
  • Hyphens in ISBNs are ignored: 0-12345-6789-0 is the same as 01234567890.
  • Hyphens are essential in ISSNs.
ID Number
  • Enter the library ID number for the work. Leading zeros are automatically supplied. For example: 000123.
  • Each holding has a summary with additional information about that work.
  • Enter words to be found in the summary in any order, such as: songs rituals.
  • Punctuation is ignored.
List by Title
  • Lists all holdings in alphabetical order by title.
  • The search term is either blank or an initial letter at which to start.
List by Author
  • Lists all holdings in alphabetical order by author.
  • The search term is either blank or an initial letter at which to start. Contact Us Last Modified: 2006-01-09
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