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Frequently Asked Questions

REALLY frequently asked questions

  1. Can you help me find a coven in ...?
    • It is unlikely that we can do better than you can do for yourself. The following tactics will probably find somebody if they are on the Internet. We do not endorse any person or group you might find by using these search methods. As always, be cautious in your dealings with anyone you meet online.
      1. Look on The Witches' Voice. The main page has a set of geographical buttons on the left side (currently these are U States, UK Regions, Canada, Australia, Countries). Pick the area in which you live and see if anybody has contact information listed.
      2. If you live in the United States then try The Covenant of the Goddess website to see if there is somebody near you.
      3. Try searching Google for Pagans or Wiccans in your area. For example, if you live in Toronto then try "Toronto Pagans" or "Toronto Wiccans" as your search criteria.
  2. Can you ordain me?
    • If you mean "can we initiate you" then the answer is no. The Covenant is not a tradition, it is a collection of independent solitaries and covens. The Covenant as an organisation does not grant initiations. You must contact individual teachers directly.
    • If you mean "can we ordain you as ministers" then you are free to apply. Please bear in mind that our ministers undergo a training program which is approximately equivalent to a university degree. Interns are also required to volunteer for community service for at least one year.
    • If you just want to perform a wedding then you should contact your local government to find out how to get a temporary marriage commissioner's license (or the local equivalent). We cannot advise you on this because every jurisdiction is different. Note: In Alberta these licenses have been discontinued.
    • You may also wish to see our legal recognition page.
  3. May I join your church?
    • We'd love to say yes and have hundreds of members, but unless you live in or near Calgary there isn't much point for you. All of our events are in or near Calgary and we do not have the resources to support members in other countries.
  4. Why don't you accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour? You will burn in Hell!
    • You may wish to examine your motives if you have not also sent similar comments to Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Sikh, Scientologist or other religious groups. Are you merely trying to bully somebody whom you perceive as being unable to fight back? We suggest that you read A Christian Speaks on the Faith and Path of Wicca. Meanwhile, may the peace and blessings of the Lord and Lady be with you. Contact Us Last Modified: 2007-05-07
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