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In the Beginning was the Word

Lectures by Pagan Author Dr. Brendan Myers

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Covenant of Gaia Church of Alberta

" of the most important neopagan voices now alive" - Isaac Bonewits

" essential book on any coven's bookshelf." - Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (on "A Pagan Testament" Available: NOV 2008)

"This is one of the most important books you can read...let the book deepen your soul and broaden your understanding." - Phillip Carr-Gomm (on "The Other Side of Virtue" Availble Now)

Pagan Folk Proverbs and Wisdom Teachings (and circle songs!)

Open to Everyone

Suggested Donation: $5 or non-perishable food items

When: Sept 19, 2008 7:30pm

Where: Unitarian Church of Calgary (1703 1st St. N.W.)

Many Pagans often claim that their spiritual inspiration comes not from a written scripture but from personal experience and original creativity. There are also many written works which constitute Paganism's "testament" or its central literary expressions of spiritual identity. Join Dr. Myers as he explores some of these works and offers some of his own philosophical commentary and interpretation. Based upon his upcoming book "Pagan Testament."

How Beautiful They Are: Ethics in Celtic and European Mythology

Open to Everyone

Suggested Donation: $5 or non-perishable food items

When: Sept 20, 2008 3:00pm

Where: Unitarian Church of Calgary (1703 1st St. N.W.)

Many of the Virtues portrayed in Celtic and European Mythology as found in ancient heroic epics and sagas like Beowulf, the Illiad and Odyssey, the Eddas, and the Tin Bo Cuailnge, are ethical ideals. This way of thinking about ethics is known in contemporary philosophy as 'Areteology', or 'Virtue'. Many of these important virtues, such as honour, integrity, inspiration, strength, courage, and so on, are not only categories of ethics. They are also categories of aesthetics. They are valued not just because they are right and good; but also because they are beautiful. In this Lecture prepared for the OBOD Mount Haemus lecture series Dr. Myers explores this overlap between the aesthetic and the ethical, and shows how Celtic & European spirituality is particularly well positioned to embody a meeting place between the ethical and the aesthetic, the beautiful and the good.

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